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Journey Through Time in Hungry Tomato's Time Machine! Explore our collection of historical books, and dive into captivating stories, rich visuals, and interactive learning.


Let the past come alive!

Beetle Books

Beetle Books is an imprint of Hungry Tomato. 

Our Beetle Books are our brilliant big books; spanning a range of topics, they’re perfect for young readers to enjoy wherever they may be.

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Build it! Make it!

Mini Battle Machines

History of the World (I).jpg
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Secret Squid's Wonders of the World

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Hungry Tomato

Our Hungry Tomato books are our smaller series’ of books, ideal for teachers and educators to use to inspire young readers while learning about a variety of topics.

The Grisly History of Medicine

The World's Greatest (and Grossest) Medical Disoveries

A fantastic four book series exploring the history of medicine, with its terrifying diseases, rancid remedies, and experimental treatments and surgeries that were often weird, disgusting, or downright dangerous! Discover amazing facts from how alligator blood could help fight infections, to how the past has helped us to battle modern viruses like Coronavirus.




Potions, Poisons & Pills


Killer Bugs


Kill or Cure

How to Live Like a...

An exciting series about how people used to live. These stories are funny and often outrageous, but give fascinating insights into how we would have lived in the past! This series is essential reading for any budding historian.


How to Live Like

Stone Aged Hunter


How to Live Like

a Medieval Knight

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