if prehistoric beasts were alive today

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Subject: Science STEM

Age:7+ years

Retail Price : £12.99

Extent: 96 pages

Format: hardback


Recommended for dinosaur fans and fact hungry reluctant readers.

This is an area of natural history not often written about but it is fresh and equally as exciting as the history of dinosaurs.


Preceding and surviving the dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts resemble some of the animals we see around today... only mega sized!


We have brought them alive with brilliant illustrations set in modern environments, so that kids can visualise how different life would be if they were alive and living amongst us today!


It's a fact packed, awe-inspiring show-case of extinct animals, a real must-have brilliant read!


prehistoric; natural history; giant ape; savage predators; sea creatures; hunters; mega rodent; canine; giant beasts