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Subject: History

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Format: Paperback

Extent: 32pp

ISBN: 978-1-910684-20-7

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How To Live Like is a stunning new narrative non-fiction series about how people used to live. Written in the first person, the stories are funny and often outrageous, but all are based on fact and give fascinating insights into how you, too, would have lived in these different historical times. In A Viking Warrior, 18-year-old Olaf Sharpaxe is the son of a Norwegian jarl (earl). Olaf tells us how he’s trained as a warrior since he was 10 years old, what weapons he carries and how Viking longships are built. We witness battles for land and Olaf’s first raid to England, which brings much plunder and cause for celebration in a victory feast on the Vikings’ return.

• Beautifully written by an award-winning author.
• Fact-filled soft learning at its best.
• Written in the first person, funny and outrageous.
• Brilliant resource for school projects.
• Essential reading for any young historian.

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Archery: Ragnor Lodbrok: Ragnar: longships: Odin: raiding: Valhalla: bloodaxe: burial ships: ransoms

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