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Subject: Science, Technology & History

UK Retail Price £7.99

Format: Paperback

Extent: 32pp

ISBN: 978-1-910684-99-3

US Library Binding

Hardback: $20.99

Multi-user eBook: $31.99



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Tanks and Heavy Artillery covers heavy artillery, from the first cannon invented by the Chinese to the big guns of World War I and beyond; and tank design, including an early drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, the first armoured vehicles that got stuck in the mud, and the British Mark 1 and US Abrams tanks. We hear stories from the crews, see how these mighty machines are operated, and follow them in action at the World War II battles of El Alamein and Kursk.

• Engaging subject that appeals to boys.
•Explains the engineering and technology of powerful machines.
•Bite-sized chunks of information, clear, cutaway artworks and realistic illustrations of machines.
•Places the machines in their historical context.
•Designed to engage the most reluctant reader.

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ammunition; artillery; big guns; bombard; field guns; fire arrows; gun carriers; gunpowder; American Civil War; howitzer; mortars; Panzer IV; rifled guns; rocket launchers; siege warfare; World War I; World War II; tank crews; trebuchet

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