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 Discover our collection of geography books, and dive into captivating stories, rich visuals, and interactive learning.


Let's explore!

Beetle Books

Beetle Books is an imprint of Hungry Tomato. 

Our Beetle Books are our brilliant big books; spanning a range of topics, they’re perfect for young readers to enjoy wherever they may be.

9781913077709 Medium Small.png
9781913440527 CMYK Medium Small.png

Hungry Tomato

Our Hungry Tomato books are our smaller series’ of books, ideal for teachers and educators to use to inspire young readers while learning about a variety of topics.

Stickmen's Guide to The Earth

Guide to moiuntains and valleys.jpg
Guide to the sky.jpg
Guide to cities.jpg
Guide to the ocean .jpg

Discover everything there is to know about Earth in this four book series, from the edge of space to the ocean depths.

When Disaster Strikes

This series explores some of the most devastating disasters that our planet is subjected to.

Volcano_CVR Medium Small.png
Earthquake_CVR Medium Small.png
Fire_CVR Medium Small.png
Hurricanes_CVR Medium Small.png

One Planet

A series of six brilliant books that unravel the mysteries of Earth and its incredible natural wonders.

9781914087950FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087929FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087943FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087967FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087974FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087936FC copy Medium Small.png

Earth in Danger

Join the adventure in this series as we explore the challenges our planet faces and learn ways to protect it.

9781914087868FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087899FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087875FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087905FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087912FC copy Medium Small.png
9781914087882FC copy Medium Small.png
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