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Art & Activity

Embark on a colorful adventure in the realm of art and activity books with Hungry Tomato! Young artists and budding creators can unleash their imagination, discover unique techniques, and dive into a world of artistic expression in this exciting range of books.

Let your creativity flourish!

Beetle Books

Beetle Books is an imprint of Hungry Tomato. 

Our Beetle Books are our brilliant big books; spanning a range of topics, they’re perfect for young readers to enjoy wherever they may be.

secret squid cover.jpg

Secret Squid   Storms the Castle

secret squid cover 2 HR.jpg

Seasonal Crafts

Recycled Art from

Old Rubbish

Recycled Ar.jpg

Treasure Hunt Puzzles

102 Things To Do copy.png

102 Things to Do

Build it! Make it!



Build it! Make it!

Become a Super Engineer

9781913077204 Medium Small.png

World's Best Origami for Kids

cover Medium Small.png

Amazing Art for Creative Kids


Build it! Make it!


9781913077228 Medium Small.png

Brain Benders

9781913440961 copy.png

Build it! Make it!

Mini Battle Machines

978-1-913077-18-1 Medium Small.png

Climbing Trees and Muddy Knees

9781913440466 CMYK Medium Small.png

Big Ideas for the Big Outdoors

Hungry Tomato

Our Hungry Tomato books are our smaller series’ of books, ideal for teachers and educators to use to inspire young readers while learning about a variety of topics.

Kids Seasonal Crafts

Brilliant projects using nature and recyclables


Fun seasonal makerspace projects for kids with easy step-by-step instructions, using nature and recycling along the way. 


Brilliant brain training for kids

Codebreaker Puzzles for Kids

Become a master code breaker and reveal secret messages, open mysterious safes, hunt down hidden treasure, and much more! This brilliant four book series written by Dr Gareth Moore is bursting with sequential puzzles to build math and logic skills and train your brain.


Build Your Own Space

Interactive Model-Making

Instruments to discover space.png
Sensational Space Projects. png.png
Amazing Space Experiments.png
Spectacular model spacecrafts.png

A fantastic four book series for space fanatics. Build your space makerspace models, using recycled materials and simple craft supplies. Featuring step-by-step photographs, QR codes to downloadable templates and videos of the working models.

Build Your Own Dinosaurs

Interactive Model-Making


A brilliant four book series for dinosaur fans. Build your own dinosaur makerspace models, using recycled materials and simple craft supplies. Featuring step-by-step photographs, QR codes to downloadable templates and videos of the working models.

Wild Art

Be inspired to get wildly creative with art in this fun four book series.

Wild Art Scary Art FC Medium Small.png
Wild Art Recycled Art FC Medium Small.png
Wild Art M Mache FC Medium Small.png
Wild Art ANimal Medium Small.png


Unlock the art of origami with this simple four book series on how to make cars, dinosaurs and much more.

Origami DinosFC Medium Small.png
Origami GiftsFC Medium Small.png
Origami ANimals FC Medium Small.png
Origami VehiclesFC Medium Small.png

25 Things to Do

Discover activities and adventures for connecting with friends, family and the world in this hands-on series.

25 Rainy Day Medium Small.png
25 Friends Medium Small.png
25 _ Outside Medium Small.png
25 fun things to do for your neighbours Medium Small.png

Build Your Own

Get hands-on, building your own vehicles, watercraft, robots and much more in this four book series.

se_cars_Cvr_UK Medium Small.png
se_boats_Cvr_UK Medium Small.png
se_aircraft_Cvr_UK Medium Small.png
se_robots_Cvr_UK Medium Small.png

Recycled Art

Turn everyday recyclables into cherished keepsakes with the help of this brilliant four book series.

RA Paper Roll Medium Small.png
RA Egg Carton Medium Small.png
RA Paper Plate Medium Small.png
RA Box Medium Small.png

Go Wild

This series offers kids in any environment adventures in the great outdoors from survival tips to fun game ideas.

HT_GoWild_Adventurer_CVR_UK Medium Small.png
HT_GoWild_Explorer_CVR_UK Medium Small.png
HT_GoWild_Tracker_CVR_UK Medium Small.png
HT_GoWild_Survivor_CVR_UK Medium Small.png

Treasure Hunt Puzzles

Embark on this exciting series, taking on problem-solving and maths challenges to find the hidden treasure!

PUZZLE_JUNGLE Medium Small.png
PUZZLE_OCEAN Medium Small.png
PUZZLE_Space Medium Small.png
PUZZLE_Pyramids Medium Small.png

Brain Benders

Discover amazing optical illusions, tricks and puzzles in this four book series designed by Dr Gareth Moore.

Brainbenders Medium Small.png
Brainbenders2 Medium Small.png
Brainbenders3 Medium Small.png
Brainbenders4 Medium Small.png

Tabletop Battles

Create a tabletop battlefield with this brilliant four book series, guided by easy-to-follow instructions.

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