Stickmen's Guide to the earth uncovered

HB Cov Stickmen Earth.jpg

Subject: History,Science & Technology

Age:7+ years

Retail Price : £12.99

Extent: 96 pages

Format: hardback


The best resource to have on your bookshelf

Everything you need to know about Earth... 


 ... its geography, exploration & research,


 ...Earth science and even the latest technology.


The Stickmen are back... taking a slice through the Earth to show what happens, and what exists, at all levels everywhere:


through layers of atmosphere that wrap around the globe; from mountaintops and live volcano craters down to the molten core:


from the ocean's sunlight zone to the deepest trench in the seabed:


and from the rooftop of the tallest skyscraper to the foundations of a city and its maze of underground tunnels.

With a little dusting of of Stickmen humour it's great for reluctant readers too!