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Explore the extraordinary world of plants and flowers!

This book is simply stunning! A truly awesome look at the wonderful world of plants, from the tiny blades of grass under our feet to giant redwood trees towering above our heads. Exploring the science behind how plants grow in a fun and curious way, with fascinating bite-size facts and hands on gardening activities. Fantastic full-color illustrations bring weird and wonderful plants to life, including prehistoric ferns and carnivorous pitcher plants. Plant is a beautiful book that will stay with kids forever!

  • Kill or cure? Discover amazing plants used in miraculous medicines, and some poisonous ones that could prove deadly!

  • What’s that smell? Sniff out the world’s stinkiest plants, including one that smells like a rotting corpse!

  • What do plants need to grow? Find lots of helpful tips to help you become a green thumbed gardener!

  • Could plants save our planet? Discover how plants clean up our air and help to fight climate change.

Title: Plant


Format: 300x233mm, 64 pages, self-ended

Publication Date: September 2023

Price: UK £14.99 (US $19.99)

Age: 5-8


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