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Subject: Search and Find, History

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Extent: 40pp

ISBN: 978-1-914087462

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Publication date August 2022

A search-and find adventure book exploring the most incredible places on Earth. See the famous wonders of the world as they would have looked in their heyday. Secret Squid is a master of disguise who can be in lots of places at once. Squid's talent is hiding in plain sight using a multitude of costumes.


. in amongst the gladiators in the Roman Colosseum

.On Easter Island with its monumental statues

. Inside the Egyptian pyramids, it's a hot place to be!

.At the Greek Acropolis, high above the city of Athens

and more....

Bright fun Illustrated scenes are packed with tiny details. Cool bite-size facts unpack the incredible history of the places Squid is hiding in. Extra interesting artefacts and famous figures, will need to be discovered along the way, in this Secret Squid spectacular adventure!

Keep your eyes peeled for the second book in the series Secret Squid Storms the Castle coming winter 2022!


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