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Title: Extreme Predators

ISBN: 9781916598614

Format: 270 x 210mm. Paperback

UK Publication Date: March 2024

US Publication Date: April 2024

Price: (US TBA)(UK £12.99) 

Age: 7+ years


Meet the world's most dangerous creatures

This brilliant book brings together 30 of the deadliest predators to have ever lived on Earth. With fantastically detailed, true-to- life illustrations showcasing terrifying teeth and claws, fierce fangs and deadly venom, Extreme Predators is packed with incredible hunters; the cleverest and most dangerous the world has ever known.

  • From the terrifying T.rex to the fearsome funnel-web spider

  • Discover the petrifying ways these clever hunters capture their prey.

  • Find out who wins the race for the fastest predator of all time!

  • Uncover the incredible creature nicknamed the ‘Deathstalker’

With fascinating bite-size facts and super statistics revealing each predator’s strengths and deadliness level, kids will find themselves entertained for hours.


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