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What's That Colour?

Also available as What's That Color?

Embark on a vibrant journey of learning with this delightful book specifically designed to teach young minds about colours. Featuring 11 beautifully illustrated scenes filled with lively characters and captivating colours, the book seamlessly integrates education and entertainment.

  • Exciting puzzles and mazes to keep kids engaged 

  • Search-and-find questions on each page help improve reading and observation skills, and make things extra fun!

  • Designed to introduce kids to different colours, with lots of examples integrated into each scene.

Title: What's That Colour? (US: What's That Color?)

ISBN: 9781916598003 (US: 9781915461193)

Format: 300x250mm, 24 pages, self-ended

Publication Date: December 2023 (US: February 2024)

Price: £9.99 (US $12.99)

Age: 3-5

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