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Olga Konstantynovska is a Ukrainian children’s book illustrator based in Prague. Inspired by her love for nature, Olga creates captivating scenes and characters, always infused with vibrant colours and a distinctive style. 


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What inspired you to pursue writing/illustrating?

Reading to my daughter from a young age exposed me to captivating illustrations. Eventually, I felt drawn to be part of the process, contributing to the creation of books.


What do you love most about the work you do?

I love crafting stories, narrating them, delving into diverse themes, educating children, showcasing the beauty of the world, and expressing love through my work. And, of course, one of the most rewarding moments is seeing the emotions of people holding the book I created.


What was your first job? Was it related to the work that you do now? 

My first job was a graphic designer position at a design agency. It was a creative role, although quite different from the world of children's illustration.


What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time, outside of work? Any hobbies or other interests?

I love to travel with my family. Exploring new cultures and the nature of different places is something I enjoy. When I'm at home, I like taking care of my indoor plants, many of which I brought back from my travels.


Did you like reading as a child? If so, do you have a favourite childhood book?

I happily immersed myself in the world of folk tales. These magical and sometimes mysterious stories captivated me. I enjoyed studying the ornaments and patterns. On the other hand, I had a passionate desire to explore the surrounding world, so I had many encyclopaedias that I read one after another.


Discover Olga's latest collaboration with Hungry Tomato in the brilliant My First Book of Mammals. Brimming with charming illustrations and a playful depiction of various mammals, this beautiful book is destined to become a favourite on every bookshelf!

To view more of Olga’s fantastic work, visit her website at:

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