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My First Book of
Ocean Life

My First Book of Ocean Life is the perfect introduction for young readers to see amazing ocean life from around the world. Bright full-colour illustrations bring lots of famous species to life, as well as some you may not have heard of before!

  • Discover the ocean’s biggest and smallest creatures – from mighty whales to tiny seahorses.

  • Find out what all ocean creatures have in common and reveal remarkable differences.

  • From glowing in the dark to clever camouflage, discover creatures’ super survival skills!

  • Uncover the amazing ocean plants which make up this diverse ecosystem.

Bite-size text and fun fact files make this an engaging and unforgettable read for young ocean lovers.

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Title: My First Book of Ocean Life 

ISBN: 9781916598607

Format: 300 x 233mm, PLC

Publication Date: April 2024

Price: (US $16.99)(UK £12.99) 

Age: 4 - 8 years

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