Subject: Science & Habitats

Age:5+ years

Retail Price : £7.99

Extent: 32 pages

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-913077-006

Publication Date: September 2020

Jump in and explore the lives and life cycles of some amazing plants

Recommended for reluctant readers that prefer facts to fiction...try them at reading time

Plants are not always what they seem and can be full of surprises. The Rafflesia is a giant with a terrible smell, that attracts flies when its ready to be pollenated. Whilst the carnivorous Pitcher Plant has a genius way to trap insects to feed on. Plants can be pretty amazing and there are lots to keep the pages turning in this book!

Rafflesia;pitcher plant; saguaro plant; coconut palm; squirting cucumber; baobab tree; resurrection fern

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