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Kids will want to read this book again and again it’s just plain fun all the way! Explore each color individually through 11 awesome full-color illustrated spreads packed with exciting objects and animals; some familiar and some a bit unusual. Busy, bright and engaging with plenty of puzzles, mazes, and search-and-find questions, don’t miss this one!


  • 11 beautifully illustrated spreads packed with exciting objects and animals to spot.

  • Awesome puzzles and mazes to keep kids entertained           and engaged.

  • Search-and-find questions on each page help improve reading and observation skills, and make things extra fun!

  • A great way to learn all the colors of the rainbow and discover how to recognize their different shades.

Title: What's That Colour?

ISBN: 9781915461193

Format: 300x250mm, 24 pages, self-ended

Publication Date: August 2023

Price: (US $12.99)(UK £9.99) 

Age: 3-5

Take A Look Inside:

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