what can I see in the wild?


Format: Hardback, 300 x 233 mm, 

Extent: 80 pages

Pub Date: September 2021

UK Retail Price: £14.99

ISBN 978-1-913440-52-7

Age: 4-7 years

  • How long can a desert tortoise go without drinking?

  • Which bird is a  sneaky thief in the Arctic?

  • What is the largest animal to have ever existed

  • What does a meat-eating plant have for dinner?

Beautifully written, fascinating facts take you on a wonderful tour of our delicately balanced planet. With a hidden animal to find on every page, it’s a book that engages and entertains. It’s sure to become a bookshelf favourite...Beautifully bound it's definitely a book for keeps!


Animals, nature, habitats of the desert, rainforest, oceans and polar regions

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