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A series exploring the fascinating world of trees

Trees! is a captivating series exploring the diverse world of trees. From bonsai to towering redwoods, this series delves into the science of trees with engaging facts covering topics like germination, pollination, and seed dispersal. Learn about resilient trees thriving in extreme conditions and habitats, from dry deserts to murky mangrove swamps.

  • Discover trees used in making medicines

  • Sniff out the world’s smelliest tree!

  • Become a green thumbed gardener and plant a tree

  • Discover how trees keep our planet healthy


This series promises to leave a lasting impression on young readers, connecting them to the remarkable world of trees and the nature that surrounds them.

Format:  270 x 210mm

Publication Date: September 2024

Price: £8.99

Age: 5-8 years


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