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The Ultimate Code-Breakers's Puzzle Book

Solve the sequential puzzles and train your brain! 


Become a super spy, crack codes and train your brain! By using maths and logic to solve and navigate the codes, kids will build great skills to help them with problem solving and reasoning. Developed by Dr Gareth Moore, an expert in the field, this book will have your kids cracking codes in no time!


Reveal secret messages with codes used by real-life spies

Use maths to crack into mysterious safes

Become a master tech-decoder using logic, and more

Discover cryptic co-ordinates to hunt down hidden treasure

...and much more!


Including amazing alphabet and number codes, grids, and picture puzzles. Don’t worry, if kids get stuck, there are tips and subtle clues to help improve code-breaking skills. With full-colour graphics and illustrations throughout, this book is as eye-catching as it is entertaining.

Subject: Puzzles

Retail Price: £9.99

Extent: 80pp

ISBN: 978-1-914087677

Format: Paperback

Age 7-11


The Author

Dr Gareth Moore, who created the series Brain Benders, is the author of a over 100 best-selling international puzzle and brain-training books for both children and adults, including The Kids’ Book of Puzzles, The Mammoth Book of Brain Games and, The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training. He is also the founder of and the daily brain training site He gained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in the field of speech recognition, teaching machines to understand spoken words.

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