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The Spectacular Lives of Sharks

"A fabulous introduction to the world of sharks"

"Beautiful and informative"

Beautifully illustrated, with fun shark facts, an ideal gift for 5-8 years to read and treasure!

Get ready to explore the mysterious and misunderstood lives of sharks in this vibrant, beautifully illustrated book. Showcasing the world’s most fascinating sharks, from the familiar Great White to the weird and wonderful Wobbegong. Discover…

  • The biggest shark that ever lived

  • A shark with a cookie cutter jaw

  • Which sharks can glow in the dark 

  • The shark that can live for at least 250 years

…and much more! Find out why sharks are so important to our oceans and learn how we can help to protect them. Loads of fun facts and illustrated scenes bring the underwater world of sharks to life. 

Subject: Science & Nature

Age 5+

Format: Hardback

Extent: 64pp

ISBN: 978-1-914087479

Retail Price: UK £14.99 | US $19.99


Rated 5* on Amazon

Spectacular Sharks - FLATTENED2.jpg
Spectacular Sharks - FLATTENED.jpg
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