Stickmen's guide to


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Subject: Science & Engineering STEM


Retail Price : £12.99

Extent: 96 pages

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-910684-77-1

Packed with brilliant artworks, cut-aways, clever diagrams and amazing facts.


Explore giant tunnel borers, massive strip mining machines, tankers, submarines and jet engines to name but a few, all is explained in one amazing Stickmen package!

The friendly, sometimes accident-prone Stickmen help to navigate the illustrations and explain how mechanisms work.


Here is a mix of science and fun with a sprinkling of Stickmen’s humour throughout

• Fun learning with stickmen as your guide.
• Easy to understand, beautifully illustrated.
• Packed with facts to engage a curious mind.
• Everything you need to know about how mechanisms work.
• Great resource for home and school.

helipads: solar planes: drones: nuclear submarines: global positioning system; GPS; jet engines: vertical take-off