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 Over 30 inspiring seasonal craft projects, using nature finds and simple techniques.


Kids will love making... 


A spooky spiderweb door-hanger for Halloween.

Buzzy, busy bees in spring.

Prickly pinecone animals for autumn.

A snowy winter ski slope for walnut reindeer.


...and much more!


All you need are simple items that you can find on a nature scavenger hunt, in the recycling, or in your craft box!


All year round there is something fun that everyone can make and do!

Subject: Makerspace Art & Craft/Nature

Retail Price: £9.99

Extent: 80pp

ISBN: 978-1-914087660

Format: Paperback

Age: 5-11


winter spring summer autumn; nature projects; children's art and craft; model making; activity books for kids; seasons; rainyday crafts; recycled art; holiday activity and craft books

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