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1. Make a Lazy Frog

2. Recycled Art: Comic Strip Dog

3. Recycled Art: Happy Hens

4. Recyled Art: Make Monsters & Mummies Noughts & Crosses Game  

Lazy Frog doesn't take long to make, we made one over the weekend and took some pictures, we didn't leave our new found friend there, our cheeky frog is now a very useful office paperweight. Make it for someone you know, it would make a great present!


Don't worry if you don't have paper clay for the eyes, you can substitute with stones or make some tissue paper mâché with pva glue and roll it into shape.

Just a note about paper clay though, it is quite inexpensive from online craft shops, it air dries and is brilliant for small projects like this and the projects on this page. 

Lazy Frog.jpg

We love this one, it involves recycling, so inexpensive using a skills in paper engineering. You don't have to be a great artist to be creative and enjoy art. Have a go and send us some pictures of your own Comic Strip Dog.

Have fun with our creative activities to banish the boredom. We will be adding more over the coming weeks, so keep checking in to see what's new!

Comic Strip Dog 1.jpg
Comic Strip Dog2.jpg

Recycling egg boxes into art.... get cracking, what a great way to spend your day 

Happy Hens 1.jpg
Happy Hens 2.jpg

You can put your own design ideas into decorating your Monsters and Mummies.

TIc Tac Toe 1.jpg
TIc Tac Toe 2.jpg
TIc Tac Toe 3.jpg
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