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our artists


Nigel Chilvers is a digital illustrator based in the United Kingdom. He has illustrated numerous children's books.


Peter Minister started out as a special-effects sculptor and had a successful and exciting career producing sculptures and props for museums, theme parks, TB and film. He now works in CGI, which allows him to express himself with a big ball of digital clay in a more creative way than any "real" clay.


Eva Sassin is a freelance illustrator born and bred in London. She has loved illustrating ever since she can remember, and she loves combining characters with unusual textures to give them more depth and keep them interesting.


Mariano Epelbaum was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up drawing and looking at small insects under the stones in the garden of his grandmother's house. He has worked as an art director and character designer for many films in Argentina and Spain.


Award-winning illustrator Simon Mendez combines his love of nature and drawing by working as an illustrator with a focus on scientfic and natural subjects. He paints on a wide variety of themes but mainly concentrates on portraits and animal subjects. He lives in the United Kingdom.


UK-based illustrator Mat Edwards has been drawing for as long as he can remember. After leaving school, he began his career working in art studios, doing a four-year apprenticeship as a repro artist in the ceramic industry, where, he says. "I was lucky enough to be trained by some very talented and experienced artists".


After a nine-year stint in the Royal Air Force as an airframes technician, Jeremy Pyke decided to follow his passion and launch a new career as a freelance illustrator. He started as an airbrush artist in Bath, UK, in 1988, creating artwork for children's books, then built up a large commercial client-base, producing packaging and advertising artwork for major companies.


John Paul is an illustrator with a BSc in Biology from the University of Sussex, UK, and a postgraduate certificate in animation from the University of the West of England. He devotes his spare time to growing chilli peppers, perfecting his plan for a sustainable future and caring for a small plastic dinosaur.


Giuliano Aloisi graduated from the Institute of Cinema and Television in Rome in 1995. He began his career as an animator, layout artist and storyboard artist, collaborating on many series and games for the Italian TV channel, RAI. He went on to illustrate for the comic magazine Lupo Alberto (featuring Albert the Wolf, one of the most famous characters in Italy)


Tatio Viana has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, where he still lives, he worked as an art director in advertising until 'one of these famous mergers' left him without a job. Tatio then seized the chance to do what he really loves: illustrating. Entirely self-taught, he learned the value of versatility by studying a huge array of great artists and illustrators, from Velázquez to Shaun Tan.


Maurizio Campidelli trained in graphic design and illustration in Italy, and has worked as both illustrator and art director in advertising agencies in Ravenna and Milan. He has taught illustration, and is now based in Rimini on the Adriatic coast, where he became involved with comic books and merchandising


Amerigo Pinelli lives in the heart of Naples, among narrow streets and old churches. A long time ago, when he was a child, he met a pencil, and from that moment on he started to play, joke, fight and make peace with it. He feels that living by doing the thing he enjoys most is a great gift. Three ladies make his life full of joy and color: Giulia, Chiara and the latest arrival, Teresa!


Ed Myer is a Manchester-born illustrator now based in London, UK. He grew up in an artistic household and studied ceramics at university, but never stopped drawing pictures. He hand draws his illustrations before colouring them in digitally and can conjure up anything, from pets to pirates, and sieges to spaceships. Besides illustration, Ed likes travelling, playing computer games and walking Little Ted (his Jack Russell).


Cristina Portolano was born in Naples, Italy, in 1986 and moved to Bologna to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated in Comics and Illustration after spending a year in Paris at ENSAD, the university of art and design. Her artwork has appeared in several Italian magazines including Lo Straniero, Illywords and Napoli Monitor, and in comic books such as Delebile and Teiera. She lives and works in Bologna, and her first book has recently been published by Topipittori.

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