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Nature's Habitats

An illustrated series showcasing earth's diverse habitats

 A treasure-trove exploration of the sun-baked deserts, untamed

rainforests, undersea worlds and the frozen polar regions. We

share our delicately balanced planet with some amazing animals and plant-life. Discover...

  • Packs of arctic wolves hunting in the snow

  • Strange sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean

  • Clever plants that can survive in the desert 

  • Amazing apes in the jungle at risk of extinction 


...and so much more! Fascinating facts and an animal to find on every page engages and entertains young readers. Beautifully illustrated and written, this series takes you on a journey of diverse habitats and nature. These books are sure to become bookshelf favourites and are definitely books for keeps!

Format:  270 x 210mm

Publication Date: September 2024

Price: £8.99

Age: 6-8 years


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