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Subject: Maths
UK Retail Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

Extent: 32pp

ISBN: 978-1-912108-54-1

US Library Binding

Retail Hardcover Price: $20.99

Multi-user eBook: $31.99



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Many things in nature follow the rules of maths: number patterns in a sunflower, the hexagonal shapes in a beehive and a snow crystal, and the spirals in Romanesco broccoli. Now find out why they’re made or grow like that. Some of the rules are so important they have a scientific name, such as the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio – nature really does have it all figured out!

• Maths brought to life through attractive, everyday examples.
• Superb photographs show exactly the points being explained.
• Clear text presented in neat nuggets with fascinating details.
• Source books to tie in with schoolwork.
• Designed to engage the most reluctant reader.

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Mirror image; golden ratio; patterns; symmetry; rotate; Fibonacci number; shapes; geometric; sedimentary rock; atoms and molecules

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