Subject: Science & Habitats

Age: 7-11 years

Retail Price : £7.99

Extent: 32 pages

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-913077-020

Publication Date: September 2020

Jump in and explore the lives and life cycles of some amazing mammals

Recommended for reluctant readers that prefer facts to fiction...try them at reading time

Mammals features a diverse selection of animals that will capture the attention of all young readers. Be it the Giant Anteater that has no teeth, Meerkats who stand tall to keep a look-out for predators or the Warthogs who enjoy a nice mud bath to cool off on a steamy hot day! A great selection of mammals that is sure to entertain.

Hippo; giant anteater;Orcas;meerkats;warthogs;koalas

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