Subject: Science & Habitats

Age: 5+ years

Retail Price : £7.99

Extent: 32 pages

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-913`077-013

Publication Date: September 2020

Jump in and explore the lives and life cycles of some amazing minibeasts

Recommended for reluctant readers that prefer facts to fiction...try them at reading time

Minibeasts maybe small for the most part but they make up for it when it comes to being interesting. Here we feature the aptly named Rhinoceros Beetle with multiple horns, clever Spider Hunting Wasps who paralyse their prey and the highly maternal Earwig, who make the best mums, plus lots more super creepy crawlies here!

Locust;prayingmantis;Rhinoceros beetle; spider hunting wasp; jumping spider water spider

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