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Subject: Science

UK Retail Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

Extent: 32pp

ISBN: 978-1-910684-50-4

US Library Binding

Retail Paperback Price: $7.99

Retail Hardback Price: $20.99

Multi-user eBook: $31.99



Currently out of stock - available within Treasure Hunt Puzzles 96 page edition

Inside the Pyramid is one of four books in our Treasure Hunt Puzzles series. You’re exploring a pyramid, when a sandstorm seals you inside. How will you get out? This is a special kind of book. It contains a story with lots of puzzles that lead you on an adventure. Now you must solve challenges using hieroglyphs and symbols, crack visual and maths conundrums, unravel riddles and more to get past the perils of the tomb. Each successful solution takes you further into the pyramid, where you will eventually encounter the final gate. Hold on to your number solutions to unlock the gate and see daylight again!

•Story- style puzzles to enhance numeracy skills, lateral thinking and powers of deduction.
•Hints to assist in problem-solving and help if you get stuck.
•Answers and full explanations included.
•Brilliantly illustrated and truly gripping.

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Hieroglyphs: cartouche: conundrum: code breaking: hidden symbols: hints: maths puzzles: pyramid: mazes: over and under maze: Anubis: solutions: spot the difference

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