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                Welcome to our home school page

It has been a tough couple of years for everyone and for children especially with lots of time out of the classroom at a critical time in their education.


We focus on producing books that we call soft-learning. Subjects that are linked to the National Curriculum, but designed to appeal to even the most reluctant of children.


It is not easy to get kids to work at home, so we have put together a selection of fun books on this page that will help parents and carers to keep kids engaged.


Plus lots of free resources and projects to help keep kids happy!  

Stickmen to the Rescue

Our Stickmen showcase all your kids need to know about the key subjects of STEM...

science ,technology, engineering and math's.


Bite-size information, brightly illustrated with a touch of humour from the funny Stickmen guides

Pizza Man.jpg

Great reference books to dip in and out of!

Click on the books to find out more

HB Cov Stickmen Earth.jpg

Download our free Stickmen posters...

If you are looking to print the posters, please note, due to the amount of content, the print size needs to be on A3.

Stickman_Earth Poster.jpg
Stickman_Body Poster.jpg

Stickmen's Guide to the Body

Stickmen's Guide to Earth

Stickmen's Guide to STEM


Stickmen's Guide to How Things Work


Help with Maths

If you need some help with understanding the fundamentals of KS2 math's here is a great home reference book that can help both parents and children.


Click on the book to find out more &  order while stocks last.

Stickmen Maths FC.jpg

Maths Adventures

Math's KS1 & KS2 practice with tips and full answers 

Practice makes perfect.. using inspirational occupations makes math's much more fun to do.

Click on the books to find out more

Journey to Mars.jpg
Firefighters to the Rescue.jpg
Be a Zoo Keeper.jpg
Digging for Dinosaurs.jpg
9781913077389MAdventuresZoo Vet.jpg

Hands on learning.....

We all learn in different ways...

Science, engineering and technology are so much easier to understand when you actually build and make things.

...and it's much more fun for kids and adults than just reading about it

Click on the books to find out more


Each book explains  the science behind the project.


Kids can become super engineers and great scientists

Keeping the cobwebs away...

Testing your problem solving abilities, logic and may want to challenge the adults.

Click on the books to find out more

HB Brain Benders.jpg

Get Creative

Sometimes kids need to unplug and get creative.

Creative kids are happy kids, these books have plenty of ideas and projects to keep them occupied. 

Click on the pictures to find out more.

IMG_3531 2.JPG
IMG_3614 2.jpg

A little piece of history...

Take a tour of the world... going back through the ages, to see what was going on, in different places in any one moment in time!

Its a unique and fascinating glance at the history of our world. 

HB Cov HOTW.jpg
Book 3 Spread.jpg
The Stickmen are on board to have fun with a first look at science!

Click on the books to find out more..interest level 4-6 years

9781913077525Stickmen Electricity.jpg
9781913077501Stickmen Light&Sound.jpg
9781913077488Stickmen Forces&Motion.jpg

Books to read for fun!

Not all children like fiction so if you have a reluctant reader here are some fact-hungry crowd pleasers

Mighty Mechanics UK Cover.jpg
Favourite Dinosaurs Cover.jpg
HB Pre Beasts.jpg
Shark UKCov.jpg
HB B Bugs.jpg

Smash the Lockdown Boredom

Click on the images to go to our free resources and keep kids busy with lots of Hungry Tomato projects 


IMG_3614 2.jpg

Project Build


Outside Fun

Creative Fun


Brain Teasers

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