Climbing trees & dirty knees

Subject: Unplugged & activity

Age:7+ years

Retail Price : £12.99

Extent: 96 pages

Format: hardback


Unplug the kids...

It's a brilliant read, beautifully illustrated and kids will love it!

Over 50 brilliant and safe activities and adventures that take you outdoors


Projects that teach you survival techniques and how to track animals. Be adventurous and learn how to climb trees and cross a river safely. Build shelters and navigate by the stars, collect rain water and read maps. Seriously fun, back to nature stuff for everyone. 

survival; tracking; log rafts; shelters; knots; stick dams; morse code; compasses; fossils; orientating maps; latitude and longtitude; polaris; SOS; animal tracks; wormories; nesting boxes; traps; camps