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An illustrated series showcasing 80 cool cats

 Explore the wonderful world of cats, from purr-fect pets to wild predators. There are 80 fascinating felines showcased across this four-book series. Each book has a gallery of amazing, full-colour illustrations, cleverly showing the individual characters of each and every breed. Discover...

  • The super shorthair who’s an expert mouse-catcher

  • The powerful cheetah who can exceed speeds of 70mph

  • The hairless Sphynx cat who may need a jumper in wintertime

  • The longhair with the funkiest hairdo 

...and much more! High-interest with wide appeal, the fun bite-size facts make happy reading for everyone, including adults and even the most reluctant of readers. Unique and pawesome!

Format:  270 x 210mm

Publication Date: September 2024

Price: £9.99

Age: 6+

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