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Build it! Make it! Space         

 Build your own space ships, rockets and much more...

The fourth book in our best-selling Build it! Make it! series …Space! Rob Ives is a genius at engineering models that move, entertain and give hours and hours of fun for everyone. Imagine making a top-secret spy spaxceecraft, cosmic fans will love this book. All you need are some simple items and the step-by-step instructions will be easy to follow. Get ready to build…. 


Spacecraft that can land on the Moon

An amazing Orrery 

Awesome rockets ready for lift off 

Pipe Cleaner Aliens


Use the QR Codes to download templates and see videos of finished models. Spectacular facts complete each project. It’s the best book for kids to join the space race and become super engineer 

Subject: Activity/ Engineering

UK Retail Price: £14.99 US$19.99

Extent: 96 pages

ISBN:  9781914087684

Format: Hardback

Age 7-11

Includes QR Codes to download the templates and view videos of the working models!

Author:Rob Ives is a UK-based designer and paper engineer. He began making cardboard models as a maths and science teacher, then was asked to create two books of models. His published titles include Paper Models that Rock! and Paper Automata. He is also the author of Build It! Make It! Super Engineer and Build It! Make It! Mini Battle Machines,recent titles from Beetle Books. He specializes in paper animations and projects, and often visits schools to talk about design technology and demonstrate his models.

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