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Subject: Science:Human Biology

Age: 5-8 years
Retail Price: £14.99

Extent: 80 page hardback

ISBN: 978-1-914087-64-6

Author: John Farndon

The Big Bonkers Body Book

UK Publication date October 2022

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A fantastic introduction to the science of the human body for young readers. Hilarious illustrations and an engaging question-and-answer format make this key subject fun and accessible for even the most reluctant readers. Discover the answers to questions like...


What’s inside your bones?

Why do farts smell bad?

Why do we have two eyes?

How does your heart work?


...and many more! Simple bite-size text and plenty of gross details will keep kids turning the pages. It’s young science at its best, great fun to read and designed to be an easy way to learn!

Take a look inside...


young reluctant readers, The human body; young science; respiration; digestion; skeleton and bones and muscles; heart and lungs; How the body works; how do we see, hear,taste,smell and touch;  circulation

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